Activities & Achievements

Co-Curricular Activities:

With a view to focus on all round development of the child, the school conducts various Co-Curricular activities every year and all the children are provided opportunities to take part in one or the other activity. Activities conducted every year include:

Literary Activities:

Debate, Quiz, Story Telling, Jokes Narration, Recitation, Essay Writing, story writing, in English, Kannada, Hindi, Sanskrit and Poster Presentation.

Cultural Activities:

Classical Music, Instrumental Music, Group Songs, Light Music, Classical Dance, Group Dance, Mono Acting, Group Drama, Group Mime, Drawing and Painting, Rangoli Competition, Flower arrangment, Artwork.,

Sports and Games:

Athletic and Games activities such as 100 mts. 400 mts. 1500 mts. long jump, high jump, discus throw, potato race, sack race, foot ball, volley ball, basket ball, tenniquoit, table tennis, chess & Vivek Memorial Cricket Tournment.