The ICT facilities in the institute are sufficiently available with 3 Labs in the institute with 45 individual PCs with necessary accessories including network facility. The DM School attached to the institute also has 2 ICT labs with 30 systems. The ICT facility available in the Institute Library for using e-resources and e-books. The internet using Wi-Fi is also accessible to the entire campus with the support of the sufficient number of Wi-Fi hotspots in various locations in the campus including the hostels. The institute is having high speed internet connectivity service with 94 mbps speed from National Knowledge Network (NKN) of National Informatics Centre (NIC). The institute also has its own digital media studio for producing e-resources. In addition to these, the ICT facilities are also extended to the hostel with 5 to 10 systems in each hostel. In nutshell the institute has 114 PCs for academic purposes of the students; 40 to 50 Wi-Fi hotspot with extenders provided to cover the wireless range throughout the college campus for the benefits of students & faculties.