Expected Outcomes of IUCTE

1. The proposed IUCTE will strengthen the quality and the standards of teacher education.

2. Promote interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary teacher education programmes catering to the diverse needs of teaching community.

3. It will strengthen the professional requirements of teachers through multiple programmes of teacher education.

4. Empowerment of the in-service teachers in curriculum designing, text book writing, subject and pedagogical competencies, research competencies, ICT competencies and school leadership.

5. It will cater to the management and administrative requirements of school leaders.

6. Focus on the thrust areas like education of children with special needs, inclusive education, ICT based pedagogy, education for sustainable development, education of socially disadvantaged groups, skill development courses, value and peace education, education for gender equality and equity, life skills education, school leadership, policy planning and implementation and so on.

7. The research areas that have not been explored so far in the field of teacher education will be focused. The research insights will provide ground realities in the teacher education field that will lead to newer decisions, shift in the curriculum frameworks and teacher education practices.

8. Policies on teacher education will be arrived based on research based evidences and field experiences