1. Conduct research and disseminate findings in all areas of school and teacher education.

2. Support in policy decisions of MHRD, NCTE and other academic bodies.

3. Establish networking and co-ordination among teacher education institutions CTE,IASE,DIET,SCERT,RIE,NCERT, BRC,CRC, University Departments of Education through collaborative research projects, academic support, exchange programmes and consultancy.

4. Development and deployment of open educational resources and Massive open online courses related to pre and in-

service teacher education progrmmes including Curriculum Studies, Pedagogic Studies, Assessment etc.

5. Promote innovations in teacher education by providing advanced facilities, resources and grant to the

teachers and teacher educators.

6. Support curriculum development and renewal in teacher education at different levels.

7. Professional development of teachers, teacher educators and administrators by organizing offline and online

programmes including orientation and refresher courses.

8. Facilitate technology integration in teacher education to transform both school and teacher education programmes.