MSc.Ed. - Chemistry

Regulations governing the Programme

1.0 Programme and Duration

Integrated Programme of Teacher Education titled ‘Master of Science Education’ (Chemistry) leading to the post-graduate degree, M.Sc.Ed. (Chemistry). The programme will be of six years duration organized on the semester pattern with 2 semesters in a year. Each semester will consist of 16 weeks of instruction excluding examination.


The course contents related to Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are equivalent respectively to course content in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics included in the syllabi for the same subjects in B.Sc.(PCM) and M.Sc.(Chemistry) of University of Mysore, taken together.

The course content related to educational components in M.Sc.Ed. (Chemistry) are equivalent to that of B.Ed. of University of Mysore and in addition, contains Professional Education components required for teaching of Chemistry at senior secondary level. This degree is equivalent to M.Sc. and B.Ed. degrees of University of Mysore.

The students who pass this course are considered eligible to pursue Ph.D. degree in Chemistry in compliance with Ph.D. regulations of University of Mysore.

2.0 Eligibility for admission to M.Sc.Ed

2.1 Candidates seeking admission to the M.Sc.Ed. Chemistry course should have passed CBSE Senior Secondary examination/ Pre-University examination of Karnataka or an equivalent examination recognized by the University of Mysore with 45% marks in aggregate. Relaxation up to 5% of marks shall be given to the SC/ST candidates.

2.2 Candidates should have passed the qualifying examination with the following combinations of subjects. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/ Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and any other subject.

2.3 Admission shall be regulated through selection on the basis of marks in the qualifying examination or performance in a specially designed selection test or both. The selection test shall consist of Multiple Choice Questions with equal weightage to the three content areas of the combination of subjects at PUC/CBSE level. Admission shall be as per the prevalent admission policies of NCERT. It will also be governed by the reservation policies of Govt. of India as prevalent at the time of admission.

2.4 The Institutions other than RIE Mysore, offering the course, shall follow the admission rules of Post-Graduate Courses of the University of Mysore.

3.0 Scheme of Instruction

Details of courses and scheme of study, duration, etc. are provided in Table 1. Courses of Study are organized under the following three categories :

a) Common Courses
b) Core Courses
c) Electives
d) Open Electives

4.0 Common Courses

Comprises of courses that are mandatory for all students.

I to VIII Semesters:

a) Regional Language : Any one of the following languages – Kannada/ Hindi / Tamil / Telugu / Malayalam.
b) English
c) Environmental Education, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education, Indian Constitution, Health and Physical Education and Theatre, Art and Heritage Craft Traditions.

IX to XII Semesters:

d) Foundations of Chemistry – I & II, Foundations of Higher Secondary Education, Teaching of Chemistry and Research in Chemistry Education.

4.1 Core Courses

Comprises of five courses in Education, two courses one in Pedagogy of Physical Sciences and another in Pedagogy of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics from I to VIII Semesters and 16 courses in theory and 8 courses in practicals of Chemistry from IX to XII Semesters.

The programme also includes a comprehensive school attachment programme, the internship in teaching at VII and XI Semesters.

4.2 Electives

Comprises three courses in Education and two in Mathematics of which student should opt one in Education and another in Mathematics.

Add on Courses: Comprises of two courses viz. Communication Skills and Inclusive Education – II.

5.0 Attendance

Every student has to attend a minimum of 75% of the classes conducted of each course. If a candidate has failed to put in a minimum of 75% attendance in a course, he is deemed to have dropped the course and is not allowed to write the semester end examination of that course. He has to attend the classes of that course in the subsequent years whenever it is offered.

6.0 Change of Stream

Change of stream is permissible after successfully completing first eight semesters and this will be decided by the academic body set up by the Principal and Dean of Instruction.

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